Personnel Outsourcing

At Business Data Group, we help our clients bridge the gap. Our unique result driven Employee outsourcing services empower our clients to reduce operational costs, access experienced and skilled staff and concentrate their financial and managerial resources on growing their core business.

We partner with clients and these include some of the largest multinationals in the world to understand their culture and corporate values and use the knowledge in determining the resource that best fit their environment. At Business Data Group, we take full responsibility of the staff’s performance, continuous training and development, employment risk, service quality etc.

We give you the best, to make you the best” Whenever the need for outsourcing is expressed, be it for front-line staff or specialist roles, or even seasoned experts – across industries, Business Data Group delivers and surpasses the expectations of its clients. We outsource only the highest quality professionals, nationwide, with the goal of giving new meaning to the term “manpower.”

Business Data Group provides outsourcing services like payroll management and contractual manpower to organizations in all sectors.


"Business Data Group has a 96% rate of first time hire success, we maintain this high standard by meticulously following a proven quality process"

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